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    Overnight Pads with Wings

    Blesseth Ova Eclipse Overnight Pads are great for heavier flows that get in the way of productive days or a good nights rest. The Blesseth Ova Eclipse Overnight Pad was designed specifically to offer 360-degrees of leak protection. Our Eclipse Overnight Pads accommodate.

    Sizes XS-5XL

    Trust Comes From Transparency
    100% Transparency

    Organic Cotton (Topsheet)
    Organic Cotton (Core)
    Plant-based Bioplastic(Backsheet)
    Non-toxic food grade adhesive

    Free of
    Chlorine Free
    Fragrance Free
    BPA Free
    Dye Free
    Synthetic Free
    & Bad Vibes

    One Time Blesseth Box: $10
    The God Bless Package (Subscribe + Save 20%) $8
    (Can be delivered Monthly or BiMonthly)