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    Liners, Regular Pads, Overnight Pads

    Your flow during your period isn’t the same throughout, so why should your pad be?

    The first 2 days your flow maybe heavy and you’ll need more coverage ex. Overnight or Night Pads. But then, your next 2 days will only require Regular Pads. Followed by Liners to finish your period.

    So we created THE BLESSETH BUNDLE

    The Blesseth Bundle combine 3 and save!

    Trust Comes From Transparency100% Transparency


    Organic Cotton (Topsheet)

    Organic Cotton (Core)

    Plant-based Bioplastic(Backsheet)

    Non-toxic food grade adhesive

    Free of

    Chlorine Free

    Fragrance Free

    BPA Free

    Dye Free

    Synthetic Free

    & Bad Vibes

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